Sunday, December 9, 2012

0 Winter Break is Almost Here!

I am sorry I didn't upload anymore  images the last few weeks.  When I got a chance to look them over a lot of them were coming out dark, and were unappealing.  But there is only 4 days until I go home for my winter break which is about 2 months.  I've been really busy lately with all he work I have to get done.  Once Im home I should have plenty of time to get out and take some photographs, and I really can't wait. The winter season is my favorite time of year in my area due to the abundance of Bald Eagles that inhabit the area. Every year now when I think about going out to go Eagle watching, it brings up all kinds of memories of my childhood.  Ever since I was a child my father and I would always go to the lake and look for eagles.  Then within a few years I got my first minolta film slr camera as a christmas gift.  Ever since photography has been something I have loved to do.  I spent years buying new equipment and finally a couple years ago I was able to buy my Canon T1i.  So hopefully this winter can be the best one yet.  I go home next wednesday, so Im hopeing next thursday will be a good day to get out and take some pictures.  As soon as I start getting some good  images I will start posting them.  Until next time.    

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