Monday, December 24, 2012

0 Bald Eagle Season Has Started

My father and I decided to take a trip over to the lake yesterday and I was surprised to see so many Bald Eagles.  A couple days earlier we had only seen one, and where happy.  Over the last couple days I have seen more than 10 everyday.  I was lucky that one Eagle landed on the old wooden structure that's in the lake.  So I walked in and took dozens of photographs.
It has been really fun watching them fly around.  I have really enjoyed these last few days and I'm hoping that it continues.  I will be taking trips out to the lake everyday unless there is bad weather. Both of these photographs were taken with my Bower 650-1300mm manual focus lens.
I also took some pictures of the moon last night and I'm working on processing them.  Also I tried to take pictures of the stars because I read about being able to see Saturn.  I'm going to try again tonight if the sky is clear.  I hope you all enjoy the photographs, and I hope you all have a happy holidays.

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