Saturday, December 22, 2012

0 First Day Out In A While

Now that I am home from college I have a little more time to focus on my photography.  Yesturday I went out to one of my favorite spots to photograph bald eagles.  It was a very slow start but I finally  did see one.  I also saw a kingfisher but I did not get any good shots.  I was happy that I saw an eagle, but Im starting to pray for some colder weather, because the colder it gets the better my chances are of seeing bald eagles this winter.  Last winter was so warm there were less eagles that migrated south for the winter.  So Im hoping its a litter colder this year.  Tomorrow I am getting up early to see what I can find at the Bashakill Wetlands.  Im hoping for some good conditions  to shoot in, and im eager to see some wildlife.  I also read online today that jupitor will be visible by the moon in a couple days so I am probably going to try and do some photography of the moon again this week and see if I can actually see jupitor.  I have high hopes but I have no idea what I'll actually be able to see.  It will also have to be a really clear night in order to get some nice shots.  I am looking forward to getting a nice variaty of photographs over the next week, and if I do I will post them shortly after.  Till next time. 

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