Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tree Blossom

I was going through the pictures from my hike and I realized that I really overexposed most of the photographs, to the point were they were unusable.  Only one of the photographs was okay.  I was using the reversed lens technique and I think because the aperture was wide open I allowed way to much light in without realizing it.  So I still have to work on using my lenses that way.  So when I get a chance at insects I don't mess it up.  I probably wont have many photographs to upload while I'm still at school, especially with finals coming up.  But once I get home I'm sure I will be able to photograph something.  So hopefully I learned my lesson about using the Reverse lens technique and won't mess it up again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I took a hike last weekend but I did not get a chance to work on the photographs this week.  School kept me very busy.  I am hoping to get the images up of the hike.  I took mostly pictures of blossoms on trees, Plus I took a couple photographs of birds, but I was not sure what type of bird it was.  I'm not sure if the photographs of the birds were any good, but it was a change to actually see something while I am at school.  So within the next few days I should have a new post of my hike. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Canon Camera for Astrophotography

The constant succession of new Canon and Nikon DSLRs has a certain predictability, but an unusual model will soon be available: Canon's astrophotography-oriented EOS 60Da.

The 60Da is a close cousin to the Canon EOS 60D, but it is a higher-end 18-megapixel model geared for enthusiasts. But the 60Da has one big difference: its infrared filter has been modified so it doesn't screen out so much "hydrogen-alpha" light, a deep-red 656.28-nanometer wavelength of light produced by excited hydrogen atoms.

By letting in three times the amount of hydrogen-alpha red as the regular 60D, the 60Da can capture much better photographs of nebulae, Canon has said. 

Canon last released a camera like this since 2005, the EOS 20Da that was also for astrophotography.  Canon has not released any successors in seven years, even though they had no competition in the niche.  In the meantime the technology has improved a ton since 2005.

So if you’re an astrophotography enthusiast you should really look at this new camera.  You can check out the specs on canon’s website.   The link will be posted below.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Bashakill Photographs

These are a couple more photographs that I took on my trips to the Bashakill Wetlands.  I included another photograph of the mallards.  There is also photographs of a tree swallow that was sitting on a bird house that was out in the water at the boat launch area.  It seemed like they were probably nesting in the house because they kept coming back to it.  So I snapped a few shots of them.

 Also there was a ton of painted turtles and musk turtles.  So I took a few shots of some painted turtles on a log.  I did not see any of the snapping turtles that I normally see thankfully.  Last year I walked right past one sitting on the ground.  I thought it was a large stone, until it moved.  It was probably about 40 lbs or so.

  I also took several photographs of red winged black birds on my trip, but most were not good.  Its not a great shot because the branches in front of her but at least the head is not covered and the image was clear.  For some reason my bird pictures were foggy.  I think it was because the grey background from the fog, and clouds.  So they were really unappealing.

 I hope to get out and do some photography while I am here at school, but I never seem to get a chance.  I am hoping soon the leaves will start growing and the spring colors will start to come out.  But the Rain has moved in this weekend and kept me from doing anything outside.  Hopefully next weekend will be better.