Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 Water Motion Blur

Today I went out to the lake to see if I could find any bald eagles or any other wildlife.  I saw some mallards and mergansers but did not get a good shot.  So I decided to stop and take some water motion blur photographs of the stream near the lake.  In order to take pictures like these you need to have a low shutter speed.  For most of my pictures I used a 1/5th of a second shutter speed.  Also you need to lower the ISO.  I used a 200 ISO.  Because the shutter speed is so slow, the camera will allow more light into the camera so the ISO can be low.  Also I used a high f-stop.  I used between an f-11 and f-20 depending on the shot.  The higher f-stop helps limit the amount of light into the shutter because of the slow shutter speed, and it also increases the depth of field so more of the photograph is in focus.  To read more on f-stops and the amount of light it allows into the shutter check out my tips and tricks page.  


  1. Wow, it is really amazing, i want to know what kind of photography equipment you are using.

    1. A full list of my equipment is listed on my equipment page. For these shots I used my Canon t1i body with my 18 - 55mm canon lens. Also I used my manfrotto tripod.