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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

0 Merry Christmas

Two days ago I took some pictures of the moon, and I finally got the chance to process them.  I was very happy with how they came out.  I was having a lot of trouble getting my lens focused on the moon, but I finally did get it centered. 
I also looked at the star photographs that I tried to take.  I noticed a weird anomaly in the images.  I first thought it was probably light reflecting off my lens from how bright the moon was but I am starting to think now that its not.  I knew that you were supposed to be able to see Saturn but I'm starting to think that the other round shapes are also planets.  I think they were blurred and look doubled because they would have been moving, and my exposure was 25 seconds or so.
I know its not the best image, but I'm hoping that someone may be able to tell me if my assumption is right.  I tried to go out again last night but a storm had moved in and it clouded over.  Maybe soon I will be able to try again. 
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