Sunday, July 15, 2012

0 New Equipment Finally Here!

I finally got my reversing ring and my shutter release cable.  Even though they are cheap parts, I'm hoping they will improve my photography.  I can't wait to try macro photography using reversed lenses.  Before when I shot reversed I had to hold the lens, know I can use the ring.  I also plan on trying to use my fathers 3x teleconverter with my reversed prime lens to see what kind of macro shots I can get.  I am also working on finding out how to stack photographs to improve the depth of field.  I attempted it with some old flower shots and it did work.  I'm doing it manually though with GIMP.  So I'm not sure with insect photographs that I will be able to get it to look right.  So only time will tell.  I'm hoping to get a good day soon to try out the Reversed Lens Technique with Insects.  I'm really hoping I get some nice shots.

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