Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 Arrow-shaped Micrathena Spider

I have been quite busy lately and I have not had to many opportunities to get out and take photographs.  I have been mostly testing my new reversing ring and trying a lot of Macro Insect Photography.  I was quite amazed with the one spider I found.  I had never seen one before and after some research I found out it is called an Arrow-shaped Micrathena Spider.  So I took a couple of shots of it.
I took a ton of shots the last couple days but not many were any good.  I'm still getting used to focusing by moving closer or further away from the object.  Later in the week I would like to make a post about Photo Stacking and also I would like to do a Review on the Reversing Ring that I bought.  So my next two posts should be more informal.  Until Next Time.


  1. Most bad-ass spider ever

    1. Yeah I thought it was crazy looking. I had never seen a spider like this before and now I have found two of them in my yard.