Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1 New Canon Camera for Astrophotography

The constant succession of new Canon and Nikon DSLRs has a certain predictability, but an unusual model will soon be available: Canon's astrophotography-oriented EOS 60Da.

The 60Da is a close cousin to the Canon EOS 60D, but it is a higher-end 18-megapixel model geared for enthusiasts. But the 60Da has one big difference: its infrared filter has been modified so it doesn't screen out so much "hydrogen-alpha" light, a deep-red 656.28-nanometer wavelength of light produced by excited hydrogen atoms.

By letting in three times the amount of hydrogen-alpha red as the regular 60D, the 60Da can capture much better photographs of nebulae, Canon has said. 

Canon last released a camera like this since 2005, the EOS 20Da that was also for astrophotography.  Canon has not released any successors in seven years, even though they had no competition in the niche.  In the meantime the technology has improved a ton since 2005.

So if you’re an astrophotography enthusiast you should really look at this new camera.  You can check out the specs on canon’s website.   The link will be posted below.  

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