Saturday, June 30, 2012

Twitter Test

I have not had a chance to get out this week.  I'm hoping that I get the chance to get out soon.  I do have a couple flower shots that I took from the garden in my yard for a test of my fathers new 90mm macro lens.  I was surprised with the result so I am processing them and will upload them soon.  Also I had been updating my twitter feed manually every time I updated my blog so I am testing a third party item to see how it posts to my twitter feed every time I update automatically for me.   


  1. Using twitter is a better idea. What is the third party tool name?

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    1. Thank you Altax for all of your comments. The third party software I am using is called TwitterFeed. It checks to see if I have updated every 30 minutes and if I have then it sends a short version of the text with a link to my twitter account.