Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bashakill Trip

I took a trip today out to the Bashakill Wetlands.  It did not go as I had planned but I did get a few dragonfly photographs.  I still have to process them but hopefully within a few days I can post them.  I was hoping to see more birds and other wildlife because most of the photographs I have been taking recently are all dragonflies.  I was looking to change it up a little.  But I didn't see much else so I only got a few dragonfly photographs.  The trip started off with a bee coming into my car and trying to sting me.  Not very fun.  Thankfully I didn't have another run in with bees during the day.  Last time I was at the Bashakill I was stung multiple times when I sat on a bee in my car.  So I guess its just bad luck that every time I take a trip there I have problems with bees.  Hopefully my luck will change.  

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