Friday, January 13, 2012

0 New Equipment Has Arrived

My new Manfrotto Tripod and ballhead combo has finally arrived.  I cannot wait to test it out.  I know it is much better than the tripod I had previously and from a few tests it seems much more sturdy and hopefully much easier to manipulate.  Only time will tell.  It has been snowing for the last couple days on and off, and I have not been out photographing.  The next few days look much better weather wise so I will most likely be out.  Also I was looking into photographing landscapes with stars at night.  I was also hoping that I could find the milky way to photograph but I will have to be lucky.  I will post if I can photograph these because I have never tried it before.  Also I updated the blog with a new comment bubble to the upper right of each post so viewers can easily see how many comments have been posted for each post.  Also I updated the "My Equipment Page" to include my new tripod and ballhead.  I have plans for posting some photographs of my equipment on that page as well.  Please leave comments or questions about anything, I will try and answer them all.  Also the counter will make it much easier for me to notice if someone comments.     

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