Wednesday, January 25, 2012

0 Back to College

Eagle Landing

Now that I am back to college I won’t have many opportunities for wildlife photography but I will have chances for other types of photography.  It makes me depressed to know that I will not have a chance until March, to go home and photograph bald eagles.  To make matters worse it was just getting really good and I had to leave to go back to school.  

After browsing other people’s photography blogs I have really wanted to go out and find owls, but so far no luck.  I have never photographed owls before and from other pictures I have seen they make very interesting photographs, and many people do not see owls on a regular basis.  I am hoping I can find some owls up here at school, because I have heard that some classes do go out and attempt to see owls.  I guess knowing that I can keep my spirits up until I can go back home and photograph Eagles.     
Full mature bald eagle fishing on rocks along a stream.

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