Monday, January 2, 2012

0 Bald Eagles

So far this winter all of my trips have been unsuccesful in getting some good shots of bald eagles.  Also I have not seen that many this winter because of the mild temperatures that we are experiencing.  At this point there just is not as many eagles in the area as their normally is.  I took another small trip today to a couple of the local resevoirs and I did not even see one bald eagle.  There were times in previous years that I would see anywhere from 5 to 10 eagles at once.  I have an older picture of 5 eagles in one tree.  So this year has just been really odd.  To keep my spirit up I decided to post another one of my old eagle photographs.  Hope you like it.  I would really appreciate comments, and if you get a chance please vote on the poll to let me know what I can do to improve my blog.  Thanks

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