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Welcome! I'm an amateur wildlife photographer from New York State. My specialty is nature and wildlife photography. I specialize in wildlife, birds, and landscape photography. This blog is where I share some of my photos and adventures. Please comment and post questions!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

0 Bashakill Mallards

My trips to the Bashakill were not as good as I planned but they were fun.  Everyday there were plenty of waterfowl and other birds, but the fog in the morning and then bright sun in the afternoon made it a challenge.  I noticed that in my shots a lot of the water is overexposed but I still think they are good shots.  I decided I would post some of my mallard photographs because I got more of them than anything else.  Most of my photographs were of the female mallards but I did get a few shots of the male.  I had a hard time with the male because the green head for some reason was always real bright or discolored due to the bright sun.  Also because of the fog in the morning some of the pictures were very dull.  I was very happy that I got a shot of the female mallard flapping her wings.  I was surprised that I actually got the shot.  It could have been better if the male mallard was not cut off the edge of the photograph and the water was not overexposed but I like it a lot. 

Overall though I was very happy with my shots and I believe that the photographs show the true beauty of the female mallard, even though she lacks the color that the male has.  I will be looking over more of my photographs in the next few days and posting more of my photographs from my trips to the Bashakill.  Hopefully now that I am back at school I will be able to get out a little on weekends and try and do some type of photography.  Enjoy the photographs, and please comment or send me questions.

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