Tuesday, May 22, 2012

0 First day of photography in a while

I finally got a chance to get outside today, and photographed some flowers using my 55-250 mm lens with my fathers set of extension tubes.  I was really interested to see the results.  It started to rain really quickly though so only took a few shots.  Hopefully tomorrow it wont rain as much and I may be able to get a few good shots.  Plus I would like to try and photograph some insects.  I'm working on getting an adapter to reverse mount my lenses but I have not bought it yet.  But I did try out my fathers extension tubes for the first time.  They seem to work very well.  I really want to try the extension tubes with a reverse prime lens.  I'm hoping to get some really nice macro insect photographs this summer.  Plus while I was outside today a hummingbird buzzed over me, and I'm hoping to get some shots of him too.  I will try and get some nice shots and get them uploaded.

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