Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lunar Photography

A couple of days ago I decided to take photographs of the moon using my new tripod.  I finally have proper equipment to support my bower 650-1300mm lens.  So I took a few shots of the full moon using a  1300mm focal length and then I put on my 2x teleconverter and took a few shots at 2600mm.  I noticed for the first time on my moon photographs that if you look close enough along the edges of the moon you can actually see craters, even on the 1300mm shot that has been cropped.  The 2600mm shot was not cropped.  This is the first time that my moon photographs have actually been clear.  In the past I had to shoot handheld because my tripod could not support it.  Having a heavy-duty tripod in this case really helped.    

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