Monday, July 27, 2015

0 Dragonflies and Snakes

I know it has been almost three months with no posts, but I finally had a productive trip last week.  I spent several days at Hickok Brook multiple use area and was pleased to find an abundance of dragonflies.  I did manage to photograph several different colored dragonflies but one stood out.  It was very different than I have ever seen.  Its wings were segmented with white lines instead of black.  I plan on going back there soon to try and capture some more dragonfly photographs.

Hopefully I will get a few sunny days and the rain will stay away.  Also I'm posting a photograph of what I believe is a garter snake but it may be a ribbon snake.  That photograph was taken at the Bashakill Wetlands a while back and was never downloaded off my camera, so I figured I would include it.

It seems like everywhere I go I run into a few snakes.  Hope I never run into any poisonous ones.  Although a photograph of a rattlesnake would be cool, I think I would rather not see any.   I'm hoping that my next trips are as productive as the last.  Hope you enjoy the photographs.  Until next time.  

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