Wednesday, June 18, 2014

0 Photo's from Bashakill and Reverse Ring Test

It took me a little longer than planned to go through the images from my last couple trips from the Bashakill, and the flower photographs that I was trying to take with the reverse lens.  A lot of the flower photographs didn’t come out as planned and I think next time I will try using a tripod to eliminate blur.  I am not sure if it was just the tiny depth of field or if some hand held movement caused some of the blur. 

However I did take one photograph of a dandelion (pictured above) that I thought was decent.  I am also uploading the garter snake photograph that I took when I was outside photographing the flowers.  

The one photograph from the Bashakill trip is the baby Canadian goose photograph, which I was pleased with.  Hope you enjoy the photographs.  I will hopefully get out a few days this week and get some more photographs.  Until next time.   

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