Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Last Trip to State Lands

I am very sorry that I did not get a chance to upload anything in a while.  I have been extremely busy with my classes and have not had a chance to do any work on my blog.  So these two images are the same dragonfly, but one is much closer than the other.  They were both cropped.  The trip was a lot of fun.  I only got a few shots of dragonflies and Butterflies, but none of the Butterflies came out good enough.  The lighting was very poor that day. 
So far up at college I haven't seen very much wildlife at all.  I see Ravens, and crows mostly.  Nothing that really interests me.  I'm just hoping to get out and relax one day, and hopefully see something.  The moon was amazing here the other night but I missed my opportunity to get a shot.  I'm very happy to see people are leaving me comments.  It is truly exciting to know that the information I can share is actually being used.  I'm hoping to at least be able to upload weekly until I go on break.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  

1 comment:

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