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Welcome! I'm an amateur wildlife photographer from New York State. My specialty is nature and wildlife photography. I specialize in wildlife, birds, and landscape photography. This blog is where I share some of my photos and adventures. Please comment and post questions!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

0 Cold Weather Woes

The cold weather has been helpful for keeping bald eagles confined to the places that have open water which helps make it easier to know where you have the best chance to see them.  But the crazy weather has also led to me not being able to get out much because of snow, ice, rain, and freezing temperatures.  But I hopefully will be able to get out a few more times before I go back to college next week. 

Because I have not really had many chances to photograph anything I was looking through some of my old photographs from last year and realized I did not upload some of the images.  So I decided to upload them now and hopefully soon I will have some new photographs.  One of the photographs is an immature bald eagle, and the other photograph is of a red squirrel.  I also noticed that I have been having a problem with lighting of my pictures from when they are on my computer and when I upload them.  Sometimes they appear lighter and other times there dark.  I am not sure why but I will try to fix this in further posts. Until next time.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

0 Happy New Year

Last break was very disappointing.  I really didn’t see anything I could photograph.  But this winter break has been much better.  So far I have seen many bald eagles, and an assortment of ducks, including common mergansers, black ducks, and hooded mergansers.  It has been a very good start to break and I am hoping it continues.

It started slowly this break but since the temperatures have dropped and the amount of open water has diminished the bald eagle population is contained in a smaller section of the reservoirs that I frequent.  I have plans to update some of my pages because they are getting outdated.  I plan to change some of the reviews to more relevant cameras and some other updates. 
I uploaded a few of the bald eagle photographs that I have gotten recently and I am also uploading a photograph of a common merganser that I took.  I was a little upset with myself that I overexposed many of the bald eagle photographs but it wasn’t so bad.

 I also will now be uploading full resolution photographs on flickr because they now offer 1TB of space.  So I will upload the full shots to flickr.  Hope you enjoy the photographs.  Until next time.        
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